Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ritz Bark Cookies (with Holiday Pizzazz!)

Some of you might remember that I posted this Ritz Bark Cookies Recipe last year along with pictures of my kitchen "friends."

Well, I just HAD to make them again since this is one of my favorite cookies during the holidays (or any time of year). I had a fun idea to give them a little Christmas pizzazz.

I made them like usual...
And then decorated with some candy coating on top.
Now, I've never been able to color within lines and drawing is not my forte. So please, can some really great artistic person make this recipe and do a good job designing with candy coating and then send me a picture? That would make my day. As will eating one of these cookies. Right. Now.

Ritz Bark Cookies (from My Mother's Best Recipe Book)
Ingredients needed:
Ritz Crackers
Peanut butter (creamy, not chunky)
Chocolate Bark (chocolate candy coating can be a substitute)

Melt chocolate bark in a double boiler. Spread a dab of peanut butter between two crackers and then coat with chocolate. Place on wax paper to cool. Melt candy coating and decorate tops of cooled cookies.

Erika's Extras: Prep by making all the cracker and PB "sandwiches" first. Using two forks to move and flip the crackers around is quite helpful. Put in freezer to cool faster.
Bake well and prosper!


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