Monday, February 9, 2015

Maple Bacon Cookies

Nothing like friends sharing a recipe with you! My running friend, Sarah, (who has a lovely blog y'all should check out: The ImaginariYUM) posted this recipe to my facebook page last week. Earlier that day I was thinking about the next type of cookie I should bake. It was like Sarah KNEW what I was thinking. (Although, I'm thinking about cookies A LOT, so it was a good guess.)
My boyfriend and I had a chili cook-off to attend on Saturday. So while he was busy making his chili, I was busy whipping up these cookies. His kitchen was a hotbed of activity and yumminess.
I really enjoyed baking the bacon for this recipe. Yes. BAKING the bacon. Brushing maple syrup over bacon strips that were arranged on a wire rack on top of a cookie sheet was weirdly theruputic. It took longer for the bacon to cook in the oven than the recipe said, but after 35 minutes, it was perfect. The dough of the cookie is very sweet with all the maple syrup and brown sugar that was called for,  but the addition of salty bacon complimented it so well. It's like pancakes and bacon made love and birthed this cookie. People at the chili cook-off said the cookies were delicious and that they wished they had a cup of coffee to go with it.
Cookie Success! (Oh, and my boyfriend got first place in the cook-off. Chili Success! Maybe we should open up a restaurant!)
Maple Bacon Cookies recipe can be found here: refinery29
Bake well and prosper!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Orange Nutmeg Popover Rolls

It has snowed twice since last week's blizzard. It's actually currently snowing in NYC. Winter has definitely decided to stay around. However, I didn't get a snow day from work. No snow day from work = no time to bake.
Fear not! I still have something to post! I made these rolls last week during the blizzard along with the Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownies. My kitchen was THE PLACE TO BE during winter storm Juno. Just saying.
I was excited about these rolls because I love popovers. Also, I was nervous about using yeast. Isn't that silly? I've used yeast many times before and have baked lovely baked goods with yeast and yet I'm always nervous about using it. Probably because yeast is so finicky.
This recipe yielded more of a dinner roll than a popover. When I hear "popover" I think of something airy and eggy. This recipe yielded just a normal dinner roll with the added benefits of nutmeg, orange, cinnamon, and sugar flavors.
If you're intrigued by the combo or want a twist on the normal dinner roll, by all means feel free to try your hand at this roll. But if you want something more extraordinary, you can skip making this recipe.
Recipe found on Honest Cooking
Bake well and prosper!