Monday, August 1, 2011

Orange Cake from Syros, Greece

Hello dear readers! I'm back from vacationing in Greece and France. I feel like I have deserted you when I really should have been dessert-ing you! (Ha! Get it?!)

Most of my time in Greece was on the lovely island of Syros. I mainly stayed in Galisas which is a beach town. There were many lovely sunsets I enjoyed from the beach there.
Galisas also has a couple of restaurants, but the best one is Sunset (check out the Greek spelling below.)
The owner and waitstaff were great and gave me special treatment! (Of course it helps that my friend Sean has been eating there for the past 3 summers.) :) The restaurant itself is lovely and also has outdoor seating where one can watch all the beautiful sunsets.
See the beach in the background?

One afternoon I was served a dessert which they called Orange Cake. It was delicious, but seeing that Greeks don't really use butter and flour like we Americans do, I'd call it an orange flavored flan. It was on top of about 10 layers of phyllo dough and it was delicious! (Thanks to Heavenly Housewife's search, here's a recipe that looks like it's close to what I ate: Saveur's Portokalopita)
I loved the Mediterranean diet that I ate while there. I had tons of Greek salad and fresh fish. Even better than the food was the people. I fell in love with the people in Athens and on the tiny island of Syros. They are friendly, happy, and want you to enjoy their country. I need to go back to visit more islands and stay for longer. I miss Greece already!
The pretty blue used all over Greece.
Ermoupoli (main town on Syros) had so many lovely colors and walkways.
I was such an adventurous explorer (read: dork.)

Bake well and prosper!


  1. Welcome back! I see that you had a great holiday. Funny that the bike that you are riding is blue colour too.

  2. Welcome back!! I ♥ Greece, it's so beautiful! LOL

  3. hmm greek salad and orange flan cake! delicious! love the pic of the sunset as awe of the colourful sky!

    i have many photos of myself being such an adventurous explorer too :D

  4. Daaaaahling, I missed you, welcome back! Greece looks so lovely and so does that orange cake (i don't suppose you have that recipe?). Your last picture is so cute :D
    *kisses* HH

  5. Maybe this is it:

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