Thursday, October 21, 2010

An Apple a Day - Apple "Nacho" Bites

Welcome to Day 2 of
I'm really excited about this recipe. I saw it on Real Mom Kitchen and bought an apple corer that same day. (Laura aka Real Mom was even awesome enough to answer my question of if the apples turn brown too quickly with this recipe. Answer: She left them out for an hour and they didn't brown. Sweet!)

I made this last night and my boyfriend and I loved it! I even brought the ingredients in to work today to make it again for a yummy mid-afternoon snack.

I modified the slices of apple into chunks of apple seeing my upper arm strength is lacking and an apple corer made me sweat!

This is great for an pick me up at work or a go to after school snack!
Apple "Nacho" Bites (adapted from Real Mom's Apple Nachos)
•30 large marshmallows
•1/3 cup butter, cubed
•1/4 cup caramel apple dip
•4 medium tart apples, sliced into bite sized pieces (I used Macintosh apples)
•1/3 cup nut topping (the kind with the ice cram toppings) or chopped dry roasted peanuts
•1/3 cup miniature semisweet chocolate chips

1.In a large saucepan, melt marshmallows and butter.
2.Arrange apples in small bowls or plates. Place caramel dip into a quart sized zipper bag. Snip off one corner with some scissors and drizzle caramel over the apples.
3.Then drizzle with the marshmallow mixture. Sprinkle with nut topping and chocolate chips. Serve immediately.

Erika's Extra: I halved the recipe. I found that you can also microwave the butter and marshmallows (I used minis) and it yields the same results. Just microwave for 15 seconds, stir, and repeat until the gooey consistancy forms. Be careful though - the microwaved bowl will be hot!
Have you recently blogged about an apple dessert? Send me the link at My last post in my Apple a Day posts will include a list of others' links of apple recipes. (Dessert only please!)Thanks!

 Bake well and prosper!


  1. What a fun dessert this was! It reminded me of my love for Candy Apples.

  2. This is awesome. An assumed healthy recipe by the name of “Apple Nacho Bites” and the first two ingredients are marshmallow and butter. I forgot to buy apples so I doubled the marshmallow and threw in a Butterfingers.




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