Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter and Spring!

I’m currently sitting in a café in NYC writing this blog. I have just finished being the cantor at an 8:30am Easter Mass and have an hour break before I have to meet with the choir to rehearse for the 12:30pm Mass. That Mass will be the 6th church service I’ve sung at since Thursday night. And if I wasn’t already super busy, I figured I would make three different things with chocolate cake yesterday to celebrate Easter/spring so as to make my life even busier. Yes, I’m considering seeking help....
“What’s that?” you might be wondering. Well, none other than a bunny. Duh.

Oh, fine….here….see for yourself.
See?! A bunny!

So, all you have to do is make cake batter, fill some mini cupcake pans with one spoonful of the batter, and then bake. Just remove from pan after the cake is done baking. Once cooled, take one circle and cut the football shaped ears from one end of the circle and then the other end (I used a spoon). That leaves you with the cute bow tie. Then decorate.Warning: that one little bunny took forever to decorate. Second warning/bonus: It will be messy. :)
But hey! You can make a bunny with your hands!
No? Well, whatever….you can still lick the frosting off! BONUS!
Ok…moving on. I didn’t have time to create many of the bunnies since they took forever. So, I took the mini cupcakes and made, well, cupcakes.
THEN, I made a few normal sized cupcakes and added white chocolate candy melt on top. With my grade school level of drawing, I celebrated spring by using edible markers and drawing some designs.
So, with all those varieties of cake, I’m READY for spring. Maybe next Easter/spring I will remember to schedule in a nap.

Bake well and prosper!


  1. More wonderful treats.

    As an avid reader (some say stalker, I say reader) of this blog is has become obvious to me that you need an assistant. Actually, to be clear, you need someone to clean the bowls and cooking utensils for you so that you can focus on the baking.

    I am very busy BUT would be willing to help. I am available on the days you make frosting and/or when you're working with peanut butter cups.

    I hope you finally got that Easter basket.

    All the best (and Happy Easter),


  2. Mmmm... yummy spring goodies. I'm so there! Hope you had a lovely easter!
    *kisses* HH

  3. Ron - I DO need an assistant. Please move to NYC. The dishes are hard to do in such a tiny sink. (And don't be silly...of course I don't have a dish washing machine!)
    HH - Easter was good once the wine started pouring. Even had the guy I'm dating become my OFFICIAL boyfriend. (Makes me feel like I'm in high school. lol)


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