Friday, January 13, 2012

Croissants (Julia Child Recipe)

While I was in cold Minnesota with nothing to do but keep warm and hang out, I figured I would try to make croissants a la Julia Child's recipe. When I made croissants last year, I was pressed for time and therefore used a "Time Crunch" Croissant Recipe.

I was so excited to finally be able to use Julia's recipe! But guess what?  They were awful! They look better than my time crunch croissants, but they were very bland.

Here's the story:
My brother and I couldn't find any pastry flour in the two grocery stores we went to so we used all-purpose flour instead of the recommended blend of all-purpose and pastry flour.

From the start we could tell the dough wasn't quite right. I felt like it should be sticker and a little more malleable.

We DID make a mess which usually means the end product will be a success.
But not in this case. While the croissants looked lovely, they tasted bad. Looks: 10 Taste: 2

They didn't even taste like butter, which is shocking because they contain a whole stick!

My brother and I blame the flour. Ah well. It was still a fun thing to do on a cold, winter day.
Here's the step by step guide to Julia's Croissant recipe on Mamaliga. I hope they go better for you than they did for me!
Bake well and prosper!


  1. I did the same thing with flour the first time. Total flop for the most part. Just not what I expected. I ended up with a mixture of cake flour and all purpose that worked quite well!

  2. I'm actually shocked to know that these good-looking croissants taste awfully! Nevertheless, I think it is a good try to make croissants all from scratch and I'm not so brave to do this at this moment. Maybe I should wait for our coming winter to try this...

  3. Anna - So it IS the flour! (I feel like I'm playing Sherlock Holmes. lol)

    Zoe - Make some croissants! They aren't that hard to do!

  4. I've only ever found whole-wheat pastry flour in stores, but who would want a whole-wheat croissant?! That being said, I've always been scared of making croissants (or baguettes, for that matter) due to all that time/labor and butter!


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