Tuesday, May 25, 2010

King of the Mountain

Did you ever read Highlights (or some similar type of kid's magazine?) You know how they would have a close up shot of something and you would have to guess what it was? Well, have a go:Maybe it's a furry caterpillar?

A torn up piece of carpet?

Nope! It's a coconut cookie!
You might be wondering what it's doing in the grass. Well, that's one too many questions. Sorry.

Ok...ok... It's in the grass because it has to make its way to the top of the mountain. Obviously. Sheesh.
And it has to climb the mountain, because at the top of the mountain are the other Coconut MOUNTAIN Cookies.

Coconut Mountains (these are a LOT like macaroons) (found on http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Coconut-Mountains/Detail.aspx)

1/4 cup butter, melted
2 eggs
2/3 cup white sugar
2 cups shredded coconut

Whisk the egg and sugar together until fluffy. Stir in coconut and butter or margarine. Drop dough by spoonfuls onto greased baking trays, about one inch apart.
Bake at 350 degrees F(175 degrees C) for about 10 minutes. Cool.

Erika's Extras: First of all, no matter how much you whisk, the batter will never be fluffy. Just whisk until nicely blended (about 5-8 minutes of whisking.) Also, I found that they needed much more than 10 minutes in the oven. Take out when tops are slightly browned. ALSO, if you would like more of a macaroon shape, liberally grease a mini muffin pan, fill with a spoonful of batter, and bake.
Make sure to pop them out of the pan right away or they might be hard to get out.
Bake well and prosper!


  1. I loved Highlights magazines BUT I really should have read the entire post. I just spent 30-minutes trying to find the hidden scissors, sailboat, pencil and bird in the first photo..



  2. You are so funny :D. Yes, I remember Highlights magazine from when I was a little girl. I am going to check my back yard and see if there are any delicious macaroons growing back there. Sometimes there are blackberries, but this looks much more yummy.
    *kisses* HH :D

  3. every macaroon should have an adventure.. good for you!

  4. you're in luck; I couldn't spot any poison ivy resting near your lovely mountain cookies :-) seriously? only 4 ingredients? I LOVE coconut! Will definitely have to try this recipe.


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