Sunday, October 4, 2009

Well, here we are

I know what you're thinking. Not another food blog. Well, my friends (yes, I realize I AM talking to just myself right now), it IS another food blog. But not the normal type of food blog. Don't believe me? Well, for one, I don't have a fancy schmancy camera, so you won't be seeing overly artistic pictures. (You see what I just did there? I JUST excused any crappy photos that I ever post. I am a genius.) But more than that, I promise you won't see boring pictures of each step of the baking process. I mean, do you or I REALLY need to see what a cracked egg looks like? Instead, you'll be following me in my baking endeavors, my life endeavors, and my just plain silliness. Still don't believe me? Well, check out THIS picture I took whilst baking: *figuring out how to insert a picture* Ah ha! Here we go:
Yes. I take pictures of my oven mitts. Meet Pac-Man Oven Mitt.

Mainly though, I take pictures of me having fun in my little itty bitty kitchen on the UWS in Manhattan. Not to mention I also take pictures of the messes I make in my little itty bitty kitchen.
As you can see, flour is my main messy nemesis. Especially seeing how I am a true New Yorker.....and mainly wear black. Funny how white flour shows up so easily on black.

You might be wondering - why don't you just be more careful? *throws head back in laughter* You obviously do not know me!

*sad violin music playing softly in background* You see, ever since I was little, I was clumsy. My parents even knew this. That's why they never taught me how to cut anything. Young Me + Knives = Disaster Waiting To Happen. Whatever I did, there was always some type of mess...whether it be flour, eggs, or blood. *sigh*

So now my motto is: let it come together organically. (This also just makes me feel better about my lack of ability to not be messy.) If not all the sugar decides to land in the bowl due to my bad depth perception, so be it.

So, this blog will be following me, Erika Beth, The Messy Chef. Let's see how small kitchen + mess waiting to happen turns out.

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