Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Pear Date and Coconut Cake

La di da di...oh, wait. Hey! I have a blog!
I've left my baby blog alone for over a month now. Time flies! I don't really have any reasons for not baking/posting. I was in Austin for a little bit in February, but besides that, I just haven't felt like baking. I'm going to blame the winter.
However, this past Sat I baked TWICE.
I usually always have dates on hand. Is that a weird food item to always have on hand? Well, I do. They are such an important part of eating a raw foods diet. Why important? Well, they help make desserts, which is important! 
I saw this recipe awhile ago and couldn't wait to try it. The cake turned out to be nice and moist. It's not overly sugary and I find it went well with chai tea. Next time I'll make sure to save time for the powdered sugar design on top. This is what one gets when making up something within a couple of minutes:
It's not awful, but I know I can do better!
Pear Date and Coconut Cake recipe found here: Hummingbird High
Bake well and prosper!

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  1. I've missed you, welcome back. Lovely cake, with all those beautiful ingredients, I am sure this is amazing.
    *kisses* H


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