Thursday, January 23, 2014

New Orleans

I didn't bake this past week because I was visiting the lovely, funky, jazz-filled city of New Orleans.
The weather was so lovely (especially after the 5 degree weather in NYC.) I spent a couple of afternoons in the sun in Jackson Square (photos below.)
That's Andrew Jackson, 7th president of the United States. If you want to know more about him, well, google him. Because I have more to talk about than history in this post. :)
I also sunbathed by the Mississippi River. I've been to the start of the Mississippi River many, many times. It has a humble, gentle start from a lake in MN. This riverboat is on the Mississippi near the end of it. Pretty mighty at the end, eh?
I also biked all over New Orleans. Seriously. All over. I biked every day I was there! Above is a photo from the pretty Audubon Park (which was 6.5 miles away from where I was staying. And I was on a cruiser. When I say I biked everywhere, I really did!)
Which brings me to biking to food. A couple of times I walked to restaurants, but I mainly biked. For lunch one day I biked to Mr. B's Bistro. My yoga instructor in NYC recommended it. Since it was Monday, I got the red beans and rice special. (This is traditionally a Monday dish in New Orleans, but you can find it on other days.) It. Was. AMAZING. It came with a lovely salad, bread straight from the oven, red beans with slightly spicy sausage, a small side of delicious pork chop, white rice, and corn bread. The mix of sweet cornbread and spicy sausage was so scrumptious. I enjoyed every bite. Also, the wait staff were all lovely. They didn't mind talking to me, a party of one. Since the meal was so good I just HAD to look at the dessert menu.
How cute is this menu?! I loved it.
I was pretty full from my meal so I kept my dessert order simple and went with the pear and ginger sorbet.
It was just as amazing as the meal and also complimented it very nicely. The ginger wasn't too strong, so the sorbet was a refreshing pear dessert.

If you are ever in NOLA, I highly suggest Mr. B's Bistro for lunch. You won't regret it!

Bake well and prosper!

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  1. Great little travel and restaurant story! And your hair is so long ;)


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