Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Sandwich

There was a battle in my kitchen. The flour won.
Me: 10 Flour: 162
Sometimes the flour jumps out of the measuring cup, trying to save itself from being mixed in with the butter and beaten by the beaters. Yeah. Not because I'm messy or anything...
Either way, the last time I made these grapeseed oil chocolate cookies, I don't remember having such a flour problem. But I remember them being super good and that's why I decided to use the recipe while making an ice cream sandwich.
For the ice cream, I made a recipe from my Mom's Best Recipes cookbook: Oreo Ice Cream.
If you make ice cream sandwiches, I highly suggest freezing the ice cream in a tray and then using the end of a shot glass to make perfect circles for the inside of the cookies. This method worked for me and was rather messy and fun.
I brought these to a picnic in a mini cooler with 4 trays worth of ice cubes and they still melted which was so sad. BUT, they still tasted really good and were like eating cookies with milk. :) 
Use this recipe for the cookies, but only put a little bit of dough on a cookie sheet and press it down so the cookies aren't too fluffy for the sandwich ends: grapeseed oil chocolate cookies adapted from cookies & cups
Use this recipe for the ice cream: Oreo Ice Cream
Once the cookies are cooled and the ice cream frozen, cut out circular shapes from the ice cream by using the top of a shot glass. Place the cut out ice cream in the middle of two like-shaped cookies and lightly smush the ice cream out to the sides of the cookie.
Wrap in Saran wrap if not eating right away and store in freezer.
Bake well and prosper!


  1. Hi Erika,

    Your ice cream sandwich looks very yummy!

    I wouldn't take any of these to summer picnic at all. I know that Aussie sun can be extremely lethal to food. Ice cream? Definitely a NO NO! NY might be better...

    It is a shame for those which have melted :(


  2. Ha Erika! Curious to find out more about the battle! What's 10 vs 162?

    Cookies and ice cream sandwich! Definitely the overall winner here! :D

  3. Zoe - I know! I thought that the cooler would be fine, but I guess it just cools...doesn't freeze. Next time I'll use dry ice. ;)


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