Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Raw Almond Joy Macaroons

I suppose I can add this recipe to my New Year's resolution: try new methods of baking/making dessert. The thing is, I'm very familiar with the raw foods lifestyle. In fact, and this might come as a shock to you, I eat a raw foods diet a lot.
Are you back on your chair yet?
I know. It's a little alarming. Someone with a baking blog who eats raw?!
Well, it's true!
And I am happy to say that I finally made a raw dessert!
Usually I buy raw desserts to consume. Then I saw a recipe for one that didn't require a dehydrator!
I found some cacao nibs and some dates and made these yummy treats. Try it for yourself or make it for your raw foodie friend or a celiac friend since they are also gluten free.
Raw Almond Joy Macaroons (adapted from Oh Ladycakes)
1 cup shredded coconut (sweetened or un)
3/4 cup raw almonds
Pinch of salt
8 pitted medjool dates
3 tbsp raw almond milk (or water) (Erika's Extras: I used water)
1/4 cup cacao nibs
1+ Tablespoon of agave nectar

Blend the coconut, 1/2 cup of the almonds, and salt in a food processor. Blend until conformed into a thin constitency/dough. Add the dates and blend until combinded. Add the water or almond milk and continue to blend in or stir in with a spoon when transfer the mixture to a bowl. Stir in the cocoa nibs. Coarsely chop the remaining almonds and add them into the mixture along witht he agave nectar. Grab a little less than a tablespoon of the dough and roll into a ball. Drop the dough onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. After 30 minutes in the freezer they are ready to eat. Keep stored in a container in the freezer until they're all gone (which shouldn't be more than 3 days since they're so good!)
Erika's Extras: Feel free to reduce the recipe. Easy to do when there's no eggs involved.
Bake well and prosper!


  1. Hi Erika! So you like it raw?! :D

    From the ingredient list, I'm sure this is a winner!

  2. Hmm, I have never tried making raw foods. This sounds great, that should have been my new years resolution!

  3. I strongly suggest at least adding a lot of raw foods to your diet. And then if you're brave enough, try it from Monday-Friday. :)


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