Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ireland - Part 1 - Green!

DISCLAIMER: The blogs about Ireland do not have recipes. *GASP*

I was originally going to write one big post on Ireland, but I realize I would inundate everyone with too much info at once. So, over the next couple of days I’ll give you some insight into my take aways from Ireland and the dessert I had.

Now, what’s the first thing that people think of when Ireland is mentioned? (No, not drinking.) Green!

Let me tell ya, there was plenty of green for even Kermit the Frog to say it IS easy being green…in Ireland.

The rolling hills of farm land.... to the banks of a river....
to the walkway of a
Why, this would be a different color in Arizona, but definitely green in Ireland!
Even when it was cloudy, it was green.
Did you know that there are sheep in Ireland? Yeah, and they like to eat green.
When I was in Westport, I was fortunate enough to get to eat at Quay Cottage. It was the best meal I had in Ireland. The service was great and the price was reasonable. If you are in that part of Ireland, make sure to stop here. (Call ahead for reservations.)
For dessert I had the meringue with ice cream and strawberry/port compote. It was SUPER yummy and my taste buds LOVED the sugary goodness! I will have to make some meringue and soon! When I left the restaurant the scene on the way back to the car was the perfect way to end an evening.
Bake well and prosper!

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  1. awesome!!! I would love to go there one day... I'm like 30% Irish :)


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