Monday, June 30, 2014

Constantly on the Move

Well hello there! My poor little blog has been left alone for over a month due to me travelling around the world. (Well, America and Europe.)

First, I went to Florida to visit my 97 year old grandfather. Yes! 97!
Then I was back in NYC for a couple of days before I headed to Europe. First stop in Europe was London where I ran a 10K and goofed around with my best friend from college.
Next stop was Durham, UK, to see where my bestie was getting educated for the past nine months.
So, she's been going to Hogwarts. Cool.

Then we headed up to Edinburgh, Scotland, where I had some proper tea at Edinburgh Castle.
After many fun filled days, I said good bye to her and went to Trondheim, Norway, where the sun never set! It was beautiful and I had tons of fun with my Viking-tall friend and his pals.
No. No photoshop on the above photo. Norway is just that beautiful. And check out what one coffee shop called a blueberry muffin! 
Mmmm. It was delicious.

After floating down the river in Trondheim a couple of days, I bade farewell to my friend and went to Brussels, Belgium, to visit another good friend of mine.

He actually just became owner of La Reserve in Brussels, so if you're over there, check it out! Seeing he's in the restaurant business, he knew where to take me to eat and be merry. SO MUCH GOOD FOOD IN BELGIUM! I can't wait to go back. 

Brussels really enjoys comics which is great seeing I do, too! They paint many different sides of buildings with cute murals. Super cute, right? 
Something else that was super was the breakfast my amazing Belgian friend brought one morning. I think the photo speaks for itself:
After much fun in Belgium I boarded a train headed for Paris. Yes! Paris. The only place in Europe I've ever wanted to visit and I was finally there!

You can find many a blogpost on Paris food and tourist sites, so I will leave you with two things you can't find much of.

Me, singing again at Dîner en Blanc, but this time in PARIS!!!! (Here's my outfit followed by a little snippet of Que sera sera.)

And then, my wonderful vegan friend from Toulouse came up to Paris to take part in the diner and she made an amazing vegan dessert.
It was a cherry almond clafoutis and it made a really good meal into a really great meal.

After another fun and ethereal Dîner en Blanc, I headed back to NYC and ran a 10K the next day. (I have a problem and should seek help. I know.)

Then, 34 hours after landing in NYC, I was off to Pittsburgh which is where I've been for 2 weeks. And guess what! Today I baked. Check out the next post to see what I made. (It was yummy!!!!)

Bake well and prosper!