Friday, May 11, 2012

Another Quick Post

I made a cake for a coworker's bday and snapped some quick photos before it was eaten.
I used the seafoam frosting recipe again. Everyone at work loved how it looked and how it tasted good without being too sweet.
Doesn't it look like ocean waves?

Besides those photos, I figured I'd share with y'all that my picture was IN THE NY TIMES!!!!
The Times came to review an all day event that I happened to be singing at. And they chose to print a photo of the opera I performed in.

How cool is that? It definitely made my Monday so much better! autographs at this time. ;)

Bake well and prosper!


  1. I love the frosting colors! Hurrah for being on the paper!

  2. Hey,great bog!Cake looks so cool,love the colors :)i just finish my daughter birthday cake to.Greetings.

  3. You are in NY times!!! COOL! You looks amazing!

    If I am you, I will bring lots of copies the day newspaper and kept them as archives. One copy is never enough, you got to keep more.

  4. I think it's thrilling you were in the NYT. Now that is something to frame and celebrate. Bravo, and great looking cake!


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