Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Jameson Marmalade Pockets

Have I ever shared that my mother is a great baker and that's where I get my baking genes from? She got it from her mother who not only made the most glorious pies but also had a sweet tooth to rival mine.

When I went home a couple of weeks ago I once again thanked my parents for going to all my basketball games, choir concerts, and plays that I was involved with during high school. It's very mind blowing to me that they worked full time and spent their precious free time supporting me and my siblings in our extra curricular activities.

When I said this to my mom, she replied with, "And don't forget. I also had a meal on the table every night." This is just another reason why the Wonder Woman "joke" worked for her. My sister bought her some Wonder Woman cards years ago to be silly, but it really seemed to match my mom well. Other Wonder Woman merchandise has been given since then and when I was walking in SoHo this past weekend, I couldn't help but snap a picture of this. Too bad it's not for sale, because I know who I'd give it to!
Another item I kept from cleaning out boxes at my parents' house was this sifter. I know, I know. I already have a sifter. But I grew up seeing my mom use this one and helping her by sifting the items in this cute sifter. I HAD to keep it.
Maybe using this sifter will give me Wonder Woman powers too...
Jameson Marmalade Pockets (adapted from Authentic Suburban Gourmet)
I've had this marmalade unopened in my fridge since my trip to Ireland this past summer. (Funny side note: my mom bought this too!) Finally decided to use it for the jam in these treats. (Any jam will do.)

2 ½ C Flour
3 T Sugar
1 C Butter (2 sticks), chilled and cut into pieces
2 Egg yolks
¼ C Ice water

Jam, Jelly, or Marmalade
1 Egg for brushing top of pastries
Course sugar for sprinkling on top

Use a food processor, combine the flour and sugar. Add the butter pieces and process until the mixture is crumbly. Lightly beat the eggs and add to the mixture and pulse until combined. Then stream the ice water into the processor and continue to process until the dough holds together. Remove and divide the dough into two balls and flatten. Wrap with plastic wrap and chill in the refrigerator for at least one hour.

To assemble:
Use a large cutting board and generously flour. Lay one of the disks on the floured board. Place plastic wrap on top and begin to roll out to a thin sheet of dough. You will want to rotate the dough after a few rolls with the rolling pin. Use a square cookie cutter that is 2 inches in diameter or I used a ravioli cutter of the same size.

Each jam pocket will take two pastry squares. Lay one square on the cookie sheet lined with parchment paper or a silpat. Place about 1 heaping teaspoon of the fig jam in the middle. Fill a small bowl with water and use your index finger to dampen the top piece of dough and gently lay on top of the jam filled dough. Carefully press the edges all away around without letting the jam come out. To seal use a fork to press all around the pastry and using a pastry brush, give a gentle wash of the egg on top. Sprinkle with the course sugar.

Bake at 375 degrees for 15 minutes. Remove and let cool on a wire rack. Keep in a airtight container.
Bake well and prosper!


  1. OMG I need these now! make extra for me!!!!!

  2. OH my! Those look silly delicious - need to add to my "to bake" list, asap!!

    Mary xx
    Delightful Bitefuls

  3. Love the sifter!!! And that marmalade looks incredible. I can only imagine how delicious your pockets must have tasted. They are making my mouth water :o) I definitely think your mom's Wonder woman powers are already with you!

  4. Truly powerful marmalade pockets! ...made with a lovely sifter and great skills (from mum's genes).

    Love the way you wrote about the baking of this delicious treats...lots of humors and love in your thoughts and writing.

  5. These look SO perfect! Loving your blog so far...thanks for sharing! :)

  6. Seriously, everyone's posts have made my evening! Thanks so much for taking time out to visit and read my blog. Much love to all! Now go bake! :)

  7. These are just darling and delicious! And speaking of Wonder Woman, have U seen MAC's new line?
    *kisses* HH

  8. I make these too but we call them Pop-Tarts.

    Step 1 – Open package
    Step 2 – put in toaster
    Step 3 – Pour milk
    Step 4 – Remove from toaster & eat

    If you’re in a hurry you can skip steps 2 through 4.

    Great post!


  9. These look delicious! The jam looks/sounds great, too. I want to try it!

  10. jameson whisky has a marmalade??? id def love to give that a go for sure..
    the pockets look neat!

  11. i want some of that wonder woman power too :P
    mothers are amazing...able to juggle ALL that stuff! sometimes when i stay at home, the only thing i can get done is my laundry and cook a meal!

  12. AOB - I got the marmalade at the Jameson's Old Distillery in Dublin. Not sure if you can get it elsewhere.
    Vivienne - I think mom's don't get enough appreciation. There should be 1 mother's day a month. :)
    HH - I took the pictures outside of the MAC store in SoHo. :)

  13. Hey daaahling, just wanted to let you know I'm doing a give away on my blog for $80 Amazon gift card :), do stop over and enter!
    *kisses* HH

  14. These Jameson marmalade pockets sound and look wonderful. Can't wait to get my hands on them.

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  15. Guess I'm not the only one who had whiskey on the mind =p. Never heard of Jameson marmalade but it sounds amaaaaazing!


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